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Michael Jackson and Madonna?

Madonna Ciccone Portrait Maze - Michael Jackson branded Madonna a 'nasty witch' after she tried to take him to a strip bar on a date, it has emerged.

In an interview with Jewish scholar Rabbi Shmuley, the music legend also claimed he had the power to heal children, fantasized about his father's death and admitted keeping mannequins around the house for company.

During the recorded conversation, he named Madonna as one of the people jealous of his success.

'M is one of them,' he said. 'Madonna. She's not a nice... She hadn't been kind. She's a woman and I think that's what bothers her - women don't scream for other women and men are too cool to scream for women, and I get that. I get the fainting, the adulation and the notoriety - but she doesn't get that.'

When asked about their dinner date in 1991 - brought up by Madonna in the emotional tribute she paid to him at the Video Music Awards two weeks ago - Jackson says he was put off by her kinky ways.

He says the Material Girl had a library of books of women 'who were tied to walls', and wanted them to go to a strip bar.

'Madonna laid the law down. She said, "We are going to the restaurant, afterwards we are going to a strip bar." I said, 'I am not going to a strip bar, where they cross-dress." Guys who are girls and girls... "I am not going there. I am not going."

'I think afterwards she wrote some mean things about me in the press and I said that she's a nasty witch.'

Jackson also describes his 'traumatic' childhood at the hands of his domineering father Joe.

He said: 'He was rough. The way he would beat you was, you know, was hard. Sometimes he would make you strip nude first. He would oil you down... So when the flip of the ironing chord hit you it just... and it would just like be dying and you had whips all over your face and back, everywhere.'

The music icon also admitted they would fantasise about Joe being dead. 'That's how hateful we were,' he said.

Jackson said he was starved of love and affection from his father - but mannequins kept him company when he felt too shy to interact with the real world. He claimed his love of children also kept him going.

'If it weren't for children I would choose death. I mean it with all my heart. I want to be buried right were there's children. I would feel safer that way. I want to be next to them, I need their spirit,' he said.

At the time of the interview, 13-year-old Gavin Arviso was living at Neverland.

A cancer patient, he would accuse Jackson of molesting him three years later. But back then, in 2002, the superstar believed he had the power to heal the young boy.

'Every time I talk to him he is in a better spirit,' he said. 'I know I'm healing him.'

Ironically, Jackson also talked about how children fall in love with him and that gets him into 'trouble' with parents.

He said: 'And I always felt that I don't want the parents to be jealous, but it happens sometimes and it rubs fathers in a strange way. The kids end up just falling in love with my person. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but I'm just there to help.'

Earlier today, it also emerged Jackson was terrified of growing old because he thought wrinkles were ugly.

In the same interview, the music legend - often dubbed the Peter Pan of pop - admitted he hated seeing pictures of himself, and implied he would commit suicide to avoid getting old.

'I think growing old is the ugliest thing. When the body starts breaking down and you start to wrinkle, I think it's so bad,' he said.

'People say that growing old is beautiful. I disagree. I don't want to look old and start forgetting. I want to always be youthful and have the energy to run around and play hide and seek, which is one of my favourite games.'

The Rabbi - who met Jackson through Uri Geller - recalled a point in their conversation in which the star seemed to be talking about taking his own life.

'It's a haunting passage when I say, "You're not serious that you don't want to grow old?" Michael paused - and it's one of the only times he paused during our interviews - and said "You're asking me an interesting question.

'"Yes, I want to see my children Prince and Paris grow old" - meaning they were the only things keeping him alive - 'But I can't see myself growing old..." Michael suffered from indescribable self-loathing,' he told the Sun.

Haunted by insults from his father Joe, the singer admitted to an extreme self-loathing.

'I don't want my picture to be seen now. When my picture came up on the computer, it made me sick. I am like a lizard. It is horrible. I never like it. I wish I could never be photographed or seen,' he said.

He also admitted teasing sister Janet - and labelling her a 'fat cow' when she had put on weight.

'I was bad. I would tease her to make her lose weight. I didn't like it on her. I said, "You have to lose weight cause you look like a fat cow." I was determined to make my sister look good because I love her and I wanted to make her shine,' he said.

As for Jackson's drug use, the Rabbi recalled an incident in 2000m in which the star asked a doctor for medication to help his back pain.

'When the doctor came out, he looked ashen-faced. He said, "Michael has just asked me for a quantity of drugs that would kill a horse." I was shocked. I ran into Michael's room. He was very calm and said, "Shmuley, he's wrong. I have a very high tolerance. I'm used to this. I'll be fine.'"'

Yesterday, it was revealed the star had also hailed the showmanship of Adolf Hitler in the same interview. He even went so far as to describe him as a 'genius', and said he wanted to hug the killers of two-year-old Jamie Bulger.

He also told the rabbi he wanted to date Princess Diana and thought Madonna was in love with him but was jealous of his success.

Madonna Ciccone Portrait Maze

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