Monday, June 27, 2011

How to take NYSTATIN for Thrush and other diseases

How to take NYSTATIN

NYSTATIN is a medicine for when you have thrush or some other sort of infection in your mouth. Doesn't matter why you have it, this is how to get rid of it with NYSTATIN.

  1. Consult your doctor to inspect what you have and get a prescription for NYSTATIN or similar medicine or medication.
  2. Inject the recommended amount into your mouth as recommended (usually 3 times a day) and swish it around in your mouth. Make sure it get up in there all the way to top of your gums. Make sure to get the medication nice and tight up against the painful areas.
  3. Spit it out and rinse out your mouth with a bit of small amount of water, but don't fully get all that medicine out just yet.
  4. Wait for it to start to taste really bitter in your mouth and then tough it out as long as you can, like 10 minutes is more than enough, wash out your mouth thoroughly and vigorously.
  5. If the infection goes away, even completely, KEEP TAKING THE MEDICATION IN THE SAME AMOUNTS as the doctor recommended. Don't cut the treatment short just because the symptoms went away. Otherwise it might come back and much stronger.
Keep good oral hygiene and stay in good health. Check with your doctor right away if it comes back a short time later.

Team of Monkeys Maze Cartoon - Comic of a Team of monkeys on their way to administer a vaccine shot.
Maze cartoon of monkeys giving a shot

This cartoon is also a maze, find the inward facing arrow entrance and the other arrow for an exit. And enjoy the cartoon ;)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Frimer Coriolis Maze

Coriolis Effect Maze - Tornado Forming

forming tornado maze, the twisted and warped maze by Yonatan Frimer
Maze of a twisted and warped time-space.
This maze should be fairly easy for you to solve but if you can't,
then you can find the solution to the twisted and warped maze

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The Coriolis effect is a strange phenomenon of our globe shaped planet. As objects are hurled at speed toward the north or south, their trajectory bends as the projectile flies because the earth's rotation gives every atom of our world and existing speed which alternates with latitude. This maze celebrates and draws inpiration from this concept and illustrates the formation of a tornado.

one cool thing about teh Coriolis effect, it is reversed when you cross the equator. Bathtubs and sinks and toilets swirl the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere as they do in the northern hemisphere. And if you were on an airplane and ran the sink as the plane crossed the equator, it would stop swirling at some point and then start swirling the opposite direction. WILD!