Friday, February 24, 2012

Letter C Optical Illusion Maze by Yonatan Frimer

The letter C sort of looks like sideways horse shoe if the horse had some kind of club foot problem that didn't impede his/her running enough to be put down. The optical illusion of this maze of the letter C is created using a pattern of chequered rectangles at a perpendicular angle to a similar pattern in the background. Optical illusions are caused when a pattern the eye is used to recognizing conflicts with another recognized pattern and is unable to distinguish the information therefore causing the illusion of some optical source. As with all Yonatan Frimer mazes, the entrance and the exits are marked by arrows in the corners of the maze, You can probably figure it out by now. These mazes are drawn with meticulious care and effort to have only one possible solution, while also displaying several false starts, dead ends, and other characteristics of common mazes.

Maze solution and next maze CLICK HERE

The solution to the previous maze, the letter b maze:

Letter B Maze solution: