Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Imk Blot Mazes is a really cool resource for mazes.
Many of the mazes are of celebrities or of some famous piece of artwork. Others are just plain famous pictures from the press or media.

This is a maze of monkeys jumping off roof tops. It took something like 20 hour to draw this one, and it probably can be solved in about 1-4 minutes. Totally worth it :)

Team of Monkeys

Team of Monkeys has a great variety of really cool printable mazes for you to complete. I really like the originality of these mazes. Exceptional stuff.

Mazes Team Of Monkeys Comics

Real Simple maze of a monkeys face close up. This maze should take about 20 to 30 seconds to complete, about the same time it took for you to read these sentences :)
mazes picture for close up maze of eyes

Have a look at our maze collection. Enjoy.


Maze_1 Maze_2 Maze_3 Maze_4 Maze_5 Maze_6 Maze 7 Maze 8

Maze of an Olympic Pool - Y.Frimer Mazes
pool maze 001
Please contact the maze artist if you'd like to use any of these mazes in your publication or paper.

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